Random Music Notes #4: Neil Young Live

Well the RNM isn’t supposed to be a concert review, but this was special tonight. Saw that Neil was going to be in NY at the fabulous Avery Fisher Hall while I was in town so tickets were purchased to see one of my all-time favorites in a venue I hadn’t been in, in 35 years (Boz Scaggs was the last time).

The show was a solo event, so I was expecting an acoustic show, I couldn’t be more wrong. Yes it opened with Neil on acoustic with the iconic My My, Hey Hey, Tell Me Why and the classis from Deja Vu “Helpless”. All three were wonderful and Neil’s voice was in fine form.

And then it all changed, Neil strapped on a variety of electric guitars and started to wail, stalking the stage, deciding what axe to pick up and then a list of NY classics, along with a variety of new songs, including Love and War from Le Noise (buy it if you haven’t heard it yet, a great song on a great CD, Hitchhiker as well). And incredible solo version of the CSN&Y anthem written by Neil, “Ohio”, Down by the River, Cinnamon Girl, a soulful version of Cortez the Killer and then on keyboards Neil went back to the classic album “After the Gold Rush” for I Believe in You, and for me the highlight of the evening….

Well if anyone has seen Neil over the years they know that he tours with a huge pipe organ that he rarely plays, but is there for a sole purpose. And when he sat down at it, the beautiful title song of the aforementioned After the Gold Rush. If you might recall I mentioned in a previous RMN that this album was the first true rock album that I owned, so the song will always have a special place in my heart.

Well done Neil.

Strange touring going on for the man, this solo tour is taking place only east of the Mississippi, and west is a Buffalo Springfield reunion tour, hits LA on 6/4 and 6/5, I will be sure to be there for one of those two shows.

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One Response to Random Music Notes #4: Neil Young Live

  1. Wendy Shapson Weisband says:

    Lon, Just wanted you to know, Brett has been reading RMN and downloading the music that you’ve mentioned. You’re inspiring the next generation. W

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