Random Music Notes #9: “there’s something happening here”

That is the opening line of the 60’s anthem “For What it’s Worth” from the legendary and very short-lived Buffalo Springfield. For those of you who aren’t aware of the Springfield they are the band that spawned Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young as well as Poco. Lead by Neil Young, Stephen Stills and Richie Furay the band only stayed together for two years and 3 (really 2) albums. But in that time created enough great music to achieve exalted status in the world of classic rock. Tonight I write about them since I was fortunate enough to see them live this evening as the band has reunited for a short tour after 43 years of being broken up, or as Neil said to the crowd,  “the rumors of our break-up are greatly exaggerated”. Neil is certainly one of my all-time favorites and I have read a great deal about Springfield and the LA rock scene of that era, and it is a period that I wish I would have been able to witness live. So tonight was sort of a dream come true, almost a bucket list type of night.

Was it a great show? Not really, but a good one with some great moments, an incendiary “Mr. Soul” and an incredibly soulful “For What it’s Worth”, and a great version with Young and Stills trading guitar licks of “Bluebird”. Those were the definite highlights. An interesting observations was that the band seemed to be lead by Furay and Young, but arguably the 3 most famous songs by BS are Still’s, the aforementioned For What it’s Worth and Bluebird, as well as Rock and Roll Woman.

So some dreams do come true,  now if I can just create that time machine to take me back to 1967 and the Sunset Strip, I’d be in heaven.

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