Bruce: Do You Know the Way to San Jose: 4/24/12

In the self introduction, Bruce was dead on with these words, “and he knows the way to San Jose, and he knows what the f**k to do when he gets there”. He certainly did clocking in at 3:10, with what was probably the longest show of the tour to date as The Wrecking Ball  tour resumed both for me and the E Streeters, for me 10 days off, for Bruce and the band it was 7. No rust shown, although the set list was more typical of the first few shows. While no tour premieres this evening there were 3 personal tour premieres for me: Murder Incorporated, Johnny 99 and My Love Will Not Let You Down. All great, high octane numbers and saw the release of Little Steven from E Street Band purgatory. He and Bruce traded furious guitar licks on Murder and the two of them plus Nils went at it on My Love. Nice to see SVZ back in the fray.

Show also saw the inclusion of Thundercrack and for the 2nd time on this tour, Backstreets, which I have now been fortunate to have seen both times it has been played, it was a visible audible from The Boss. Also American Skin (41 Shots) was in. Rosalita came out tonight with Bruce giving a home town tweak of ” down San Jose way”. I’ve now seen Rosie 3x on this tour, and while I need to check the lists, that might be all of its occurrences. Consider me lucky.

Points of interest, the subtle changes as the tour progresses, minor tweaks, as in My City of Ruins, where Bruce had been just speaking the words, “if we’re here, and you’re here, then they’re here” tonight  he basically sang those words. The noting of the incredible voice of E Street Choir singer, Cindy Mizelle. Cindy, along with Curtis and Michele, will be appearing on The Wendy Williams Show performing the Apollo Medly a capella, and yes that is a shameless plug. Always the incredible energy that the aptly named Mighty Max Weinberg brings to the drums, almost not human with his power drumming.

Back to LA in the morning and two shows at The Sports Arena on Thursday and Friday.

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