Bruce @ The Sports Arena, 4/26/12

So many interesting aspects to note tonight, many personal.  First let me say I love seeing Bruce at the Sports Arena here in LA. It is probably one of the oldest existing arenas left in the country, and that makes it perfect for rock and roll. I always end leaving the shows at The Sports Arena, with sweat pouring down me, which is exactly how it should be.

I think I will start with the end this evening, or nearly the end. 2nd encore this evening  after the always wonderful Rocky Ground, was a tune with great nostalgic value to me. As a little boy growing up in the 60’s, I had the fortune of being able to pilfer my older brothers 45’s and that was my first exposure to RNR. One of those 45’s was a great song from 1964 by The Rivieras called “California Sun”, I loved that song and played it constantly as a kid. Sure enough that was in the set tonight, and a rousing version it was and you can see the joy that Bruce and Steven both had in playing it, I guess I wasn’t the only one who loved that song. Obviously that was a tour premiere this evening.

Heading back into the set, and another very LA and now a regular LA experience was the appearance of the Night Watchman, the one and only Tom Morello. Morello joined the band on “Death to My Hometown” and “Jack of all Trades” songs that he played on the Wrecking Ball album. But no LA show is complete without Morello joining the band on the tour premiere of “Ghost of Tom Joad”.  It is here where he pulls out all of the stops and plays the guitar in what can only be called a non-human form. It is amazing to see what this man can do with that instrument. I advise all to check out videos of this performance.

The third tour premiere for this evening was the classic “Something in the Night” which went seanlessly into a rousing version of Candy’s Room, making a reappearance in the set list. My own personal tour premiere tonight was,  The Ties That Bind. Nice returns to the list besides the aformentioned Candy’s Room was She’s the One and Easy Money, which is highlighted by the return of Patti to the band after a brief hiatus.

Finally two personal notes, since I started seeing Bruce, a long time ago, one of favorite things is taking Bruce live virgins to see their first shows, tonight I had friends Adam and Courtney with me, and they cleared now understand the joy of a Bruce live show. Finally tonight my lovely wife joined me (she has 3 more coming) and so I’d like to publicly thank her for putting up with this silliness of my own personal tour and having no beef with me jetting off constantly to see shows, thank you babe.

One more in LA tomorrow, sure to be epic.

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