Bruce in Zurich 7/9/12

Price of airline tickets to Zurich: Well I used miles, so that was free.

Hotel in Zurich, damn expensive.

What I will owe Julianne for attending 3 shows in 4 nights in Europe this week, incalculable.

Seeing Bruce do a solo piano version of If I Should Fall Behind, priceless.

A marathon in Zurich tonight, 3:35 minutes, sort of an estimate since we missed the first 3-4 songs, taking the wrong tram…so didn’t start on a high note for me, but I digress.

For me a great show, I believe there were nine Lonnie tour premieres, in this my 8th show of this tour. The request signs were in force tonight, and Bruce took 3 of them. Premieres for me, were Working on a DReam, Growin’ Up, Save My Love (those 3 were all sign requests), Working on a Highway, Johnny 99, the aforementioned If I Should Fall Behind, which was a total tour premiere,  The River, Born in the USA,  Hungry Heart, 7 Nights to Rock, and Twist and Shout, which followed 10th Avenue to close the show.

Soccer stadium here in Zurich which was filled to the brim with the “infield” holding about 25,000 fans, the Swiss are a little more reserved than in the states, or Spain, but were still passionate, and the crowd is much younger than the U.S. audiences…and unlike U.S. audiences which yawn at Born in the U.S.A., they go nuts for it.

Two months off since last seeing the tour, some interesting new twists, a really cool open to the rarely done, and always magnificent Spirits in the Night, Michelle Moore who had only been singing on Rocky Ground is now a regular E Street singer. Shackled and Drawn has evolved with Bruce an Cindy doing a great back and forth vocal at the end.  We Are Alive now has a story leading into it, that is pure Bruce. Speaking of stories, there was a nod for the old-timers, when they did Growin’ Up when it came to the point where the story was a regular piece in the 70’s, Bruce improvised: “there I was, in Switzerland, where the hills are alive with the Sound of Music”. Very funny.

Ok, it is midnight here, and have to be at airport at 6A, off to Prague.


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