Bruce 7/12/12: Vienna, the Final Leg

An amazing experience here in Vienna, as this was the biggest crowd I’ve been part in over 35 years, I’m estimated at least 60K in a huge soccer stadium, that was wall to wall people. Last the past 2 nights a much younger crowd than in the U.S., very reminescent of what Bruce crowds were like during the Born in the USA tour. Young woman sitting on the shoulders of men all night, one tore off her top to give to Bruce, prompting his response of “I knew I picked the right proffesion”. Clearly the Viennese and the band were having a good time tonight.

What started out as a very ordinary show, with the first 5 songs being the traditional Wrecking Ball Tour arrangement of: ‘We Take Care of Our Own”, “Wrecking Ball”, “Badlands”, “Death to My Hometown” and “City of Ruins” followed by what has become a now, regular and great version of “Spirits in the Night” (not that there is anything wrong with any of those), burst wide open after that.  The request segment was 4 straight rarities and all Lonnie tour premieres. In order they were Rendezvous, “Loose Ends”, a solo acoustic version of “Empty Sky” and then “Trapped”, the band numbers being all personal Little Steven faves and he was pumped playing and singing them. From there you had Bruce and Nils blazing away for the second straight night on “Because the Night”,  two verses of “Johnny 99” then Bruce changing on the go to a rip-snorting “Darlington County”, another tour premiere for me.  A 3rd straight show of “Working on the Highway” let into the regular set-listed “Waitin’ On a Sunny Day”, and then hell broke loose again. Sign requests honored were “Raise Your Hand” and a solo piano version of “Tougher Than the Rest”, both tour premieres for me, not sure but I believe that Empty Sky and Tougher were both Wrecking Ball tour premieres as well. “Lonesome Day” found its way back into the set list tonight with its usual companion “The Rising”. All told 9 more songs played tonight that I hadn’t seen this week, including 8 Lonnie tour premieres,  making for a grand total of 49 songs in all in this 3 show run, and I think 19 songs that I hadn’t seen in the states!

The encores which really play like a Bruce classic radio hit list of “Born in the USA”, “Born to Run”, “Hungry Heart” (by request), “Glory Days”, “7 Days to Rock”, “Dancing in the Dark” and “10th Avenue Freeze-Out”, are certainly catering to the European audiences who go ape-shot over Born in the USA/Hungry Heart/Dancing in the Dark, all 3 which are tolerated in the states for what they are. Some notes, on Born in the USA,  Max has had a nice solo each evening, which is a rarity, and 7 Days to Rock is an all-out burner each night, with Bruce going heaving on the showman antics, head-banging the piano, ass-playing his guitar against the mic stand, etc. the consumate rock showman.  Funny moment from last night’s show that I had forgotten to note. One of the requests was “Blowin in the Wind”, Bruce took the sign upstage which had the band scrambling until Bruce said “that’s the other guy”, the other guy, I’m not that guy”.

OK, that’s it for me until Wrigley Field in September….back home tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

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