Joyous: Bruce Springsteen 2/18/16

First random music note in nearly 2 years, and going to change this one up a bit.

Second show in 3 nights, Ft. Lauderdale on Tuesday and then Atlanta this evening. the 35th anniversary of The River and their celebrating by playing the classic in its entirety each show. Doesn’t leave much room for change, and I thought that would dampen my enthusiasm for the shows…but two in and I can’t wait for the next one. Their performance of The River is pristine, the blowing up of the album as a live performance is remarkable with great additions and choreographed phenomenally. Another full one hour plus to the two hours of The River makes for a remarkable evening.

But this is what I wanted to talk about tonight. For years I’ve been asked why so many shows, and I usually answer with well they are all different, so I like to see as many as I can, or I’m at a place in my life that allows me to do it, so why not;  or you never know when there will no longer be a Bruce and The E Street Band, so why not? All of those reasons still exist, but tonight I realized there is another reason.

I will turn 59 in two days, and I have no complaints about my life, far more ups than downs, but life is hard, no matter how good one has it, and aging really isn’t fun for anyone….and what Bruce and the E Street Band provide every single night is pure unadulterated joy, it is a joyous experience. The live experience takes me back to a different time, 1978 to be exact, which was unquestionably the most fun part of my life. Was 21, had some money in my pocket, great friends, every day was a new experience and it was all fun all of the time.  So as life moves on who wouldn’t want to experience as much joy as one can possible have….because who knows when it will end. So I think that is why I do it. It’s joyous!

So for those who are fans, run to the shows, enjoy the shows, EnJOY it….and for those of you who aren’t, find your joy, and live it as much as you can.

As Bruce would say “Prove it all Night”