Matt Jaffe & The Distractions @ The Central in Santa Monica, CA. 1/14/13

Everyone who bothers to read my posts/blogs, is asking themselves who is Matt Jaffe? I’ll get to that.

In May of 1974, rock critic Jon Landau wrote “I saw rock and roll’s future and it’s name is Bruce Springsteen”. Tonight I want to take those words and twist them a bit, tonight I saw a future star of rock and roll, who takes rock and roll’s past and make it come alive, and his name is Matt Jaffe.

Thank you Facebook, thru the social networking I reconnected with an old grade school to high school friend, Howard Jaffe, who has been telling me about his young son Matt and now talented he was for a couple of years now. But playing pretty much exclusively in the Bay Area, I hadn’t had the chance to sample his music. Tonight Matt and the Distractions ( I assume a wink and a nod to Elvis and The Attractions) made their LA debut at a bar in Santa Monica, and not only did I get a chance to see an old friend, this lover of music found some new music to rave about. Not since seeing The White Stripes in their early days have I seen a young band with so much promise, and one that I am sure is going to make it big, one whose music we will be buying in the very near future.  Young is the operative word here, Matt is all of 17 and immensely talented. A 7 song set, each and every one written by Matt was incredible. I was dancing and singing to each one, and would own the CD, if there was one (it’s coming). His song writing chops are ridiculous for someone of his age, at one point I whispered to his dad that the song he had just finished playing couldn’t have been written by a 17 year old, he smiled and said he wrote it when he was 13! This is what seeing a prodigy is like, bands/musicians of this age are suppose to be cutting their teeth playing cover songs, not an entire set of their own music. Amazing.

Matt’s guitar playing was stellar, his singing strong, his stage presence was more than professional and poised, he knows what he is doing on a stage and is certainly sure of himself. Their influences are clearly late 1970’s punk/alternative, the music brought me back to Manhattan, 1977, with strong doses of Elvis Costello and Graham Parker, smart writing backed by guitar and rhythm. It should be mentioned that fellow bandmates Sammie Fischer on bass and Alex Coltharp on drums were strong compliments to Matt.

Clearly I am not alone in my like of Matt’s music, as in the audience tonight were two mainstays of two legendary rock bands, one of whom is producing the first CD for the band, and the other who has lended a helping hand by contributing to the effort by playing on it.

Go check out the Facebook page for them. If you like that sound, Elvis/Graham, great rock, you will like this band.

Thank you Howard for inviting me, thank you Matt and the Distractions for bringing me back to my youthful rock days by dragging me out on a Monday night for an 11P show, well worth it. Can’t wait to see you back in LA soon.

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12/6/12: Glendale, Az. : The End of the Road

The final U.S. show of the 2012 Wrecking Ball tour (one show left in Mexico City, this weekend), figured I had to be there, if case there were any “last show surprises”. And there were.

But first I need to digress, Phoenix/Arizona sucks, what to expect for the home of Sheriff Joe, and the state that wouldn’t vote MLK day a holiday, and John McCain. As you will read momentarily, tonight’s list was spectacular, it would have driven any other city into a frenzy, but not Phoenix. Nope they were applauding, but the energy level was the lowest I’ve seen at any Bruce show ever.  Tood bad Phoenix, you probably don’t realize what a special show you witnessed tonight.

Right off the bat,  Bruce opened the festivities with an acoustic solo version of “Surprise, Surprise” off of “Working on a Dream”. Very rarely played live, maybe twice ever before tonight, and certainly a tour premiere for me. And it continued with the band joining for “No Surrender” and then revving it up with a Lonnie tour premiere of “I’m a Rocker” and then into the typical #4 song of the set, “Hungry Heart”. I figured we’d now go into the standard “Wrecking Ball” trio and “My City”, but it wasn’t to me….things broke wide open here. Bruce called out to Roy and spotlight hit the Professor and the unmistakable opening to the legendary ’78 version of “Prove it All Night”, which had first Bruce wailing on guitar, then Max pounding away on the drums, and then Nils taking his nightly whirling dervish guitar solo to close out the amazing number, then another classic, “Trapped” and then—they had to know I was there for my 19th show, and hadn’t heard this song in the first 18 shows, the classic (and rarely played) “Lost in the Flood”.  For those of you who don’t know this, before Jungleland, before Backstreets, before Incident on 57th Street, there was “Lost”, Bruce’s first anthem….and just killer live. Getting “Jungleland” on Wednesday and “Lost” tonight, made this all worth it. So we’re  7 songs in, and I’ve already had 3 personal tour premiere and the ’78 “Prove it”, a great night already, despite the Phoenixians.  Then the standard 4 pack of “We Take of Our Own”, “Wrecking Ball”, “Death to My Hometown”, and “My City of Ruins” and then request time.

Another personal tour premiere, this one “Be True” and then Bruce rewarded an extremely well-made request sign, this one with electronics and broke out “Light of Day”, which had Bruce playing a blistering lead and Max being absolutely a beast on the drums. And from here it slowed a bit (and probably caused this NOT to become one of my all-time favorite shows) with “Darlington County”, “Shackled & Drawn” and “Waiting on a Sunny Day”.  A bit of a perking up came from the return of “The Apollo Medley” which was in honor of, and dedicated to the legendary Sam Moore of Sam & Dave, who is a Phoenix native and was in the house. Sam has appeared with Bruce many times and Bruce had credited him with being the inspiration for many of his stage stylings. The song enabled Bruce to tell his story of being influenced by the great soul singers of the 60’s, and call the E Street Band a “rock and soul” band, which is dead-on, especially now with the horns and the singers. I thought this would lead into some great surprises, but we got typical show closers, “The Rising” and “Thunder Road”. Not that “Thunder Road” is ever typical, one of the great songs ever, but not a surprise. What was a surprise on this last night of the tour, was the absence of “Land of Hope and Dreams”, I am pretty certain this was the first show of all the legs, not to feature it. Maybe Bruce realized that Phoenix and Arizone is anything but.

And then the encores, the final four songs were the standard, “Born to Run”, “Dancing in the Dark”, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and “10th Avenue Freeze-Out”, but it was the opening encore that was staggering, amazing, stupendous, the band left the stage, Bruce waved Roy off of the piano and sat now for a solo piano turn,  And what a turn it was, “Incident on 57th Street”, breathtaking, I’ve seen it full band before, but this was special, and this is why people like myself go to as many shows as we can get to. This was Bruce at his finest. Just tremendous.

Fun night, made some new friends on the flight over, fun hanging with Peter and his Phoenix friends, a great end to a great 8 months and change run.  It was worth every penny. Hope many of you found this entertaining, and maybe informative.

The good news is that there are definitely shows in 2013, with Europe and Austraila already being announced, and there will certainly be another US leg(s).

In the meantime, next week we have the Graham Parker & The Rumour reunion show in Los Angeles and then off to NY for the reunion after 40 years of the legendary “Rascals”.

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Oakland, Ca. 12/4/12: Guitar Heroes

A show at home, well almost home. Anaheim, Ca., part of the LA market, but in Orange County and what was a 45 minute trip home, was a 3:15 trip down, bearly getting to my seats in time. General Manager of the Honda Center (formerly the Pond) you will be be receiving a tersely worded letter from me. Horrible how you run that place.

On to the good stuff, for whatever reason, Bruce has never put on anything less than a spectacular show in Los Angeles, so I went in with a great expectation, and Bruce and the band met them, in spades.

The tone was set at the very moment they took the stage, as standing between Bruce and Steven was guitar virtuoso, Tom Morello. A regular contributor to the LA shows but opening the show was new, and they blasted thru the opener which for the 3rd straight show was “Land of Hope & Dreams” which while there are only 2 shows left to the tour, now feels like it has settled in to the opening slot. Next up, was guitars, guitars and more guitars, as the band went seamlessly into a pair of Darkness on the Edge of Town classics (and both somewhat live rarities) “Adam Raised a Cain” and “Streets A Fire”. While they are both rare, this was back to back for “Adam” and third out of the last 6 shows for me for it, and “Streets” was third of the last five I’ve seen…but they are welcome anytime.

From there a fairly standard: “Hungry Heart”,  “We Take Care of Our Own”, “Wrecking Ball”, “Death to My Hometown”, “My City of Ruins”, and “Spiritis in the Night”. I say fairly standard, except Morello joined the band for “Death” and managed to take the ferocity of that tune up about 5 notches. And let’s not forget in the “really old song slot” “E Street Shuffle”.  And then the fun began.

First two requests,  a tour premier and a solo acoustic version of “Long Time Coming” off of “Devils & Dust”, followed by a tour premier for me of “Reason to Believe” a regular from the “Magic” tour and great to hear again, and then Morello again for “My Confession”. Morello’s work on this almost throwaway song from “Wrecking Ball” takes this to great heights and makes it a fantastic live numbers, and like we hadn’t had enough great guitar work, bang, “Darkness on the Edge of Town”. Then let’s get a little louder and intense, punk-rock/Orange County legend, Mike Ness the front man of  Social Distortion joined the band for a great version of his classic “Bad, Bad, Love” a reprise of a 2009 Sports Arena moment, and then to show they the E Street Band possesses one hell of an axman themselves,  they launched into “Because the Night” with the great Nils Lofgren finishing it off with his trademark  whirling dervish solo. And then a raucous “Darlington County”.

Now throw in “Shackled & Drawn” with Morello, “Waiting on A Sunny Day” and “Raise Your Hand” and the fever pitch was holding steady and then here comes Morello one more time for the customary LA performance of “The Ghost of Tom Joad” where he delivers his guitar solo, which can only be described as “unwordly”. It doesn’t seem possible that a human can do on a guitar what Morello can. It has to be seen to understand. Youtube it. “Ghost” went right into “Badlands” with Morello sharing a mic with Steve and adding his guitar, and then the main set closed with “Thunder Road”.

Encores: It took me 18 shows, but finally, I was there for “Jungleland”, and yes it is true Jake Clemons plays Uncle Clarence’s sax solo perfectly, almost like Clarence is guiding his thru it, Steve’s solo, Bruce’s guttural cries in singing the song, it is as great as it always was….was like seeing an old friend after a long absence. From there the typical encore closing of late, “Born to Run”, “Dancing in the Dark”, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and “10th Avenue Freeze-out”

28 songs, 3:25 minutes, this one was an A+ show. On to Phoenix (well Glendale) for the 2012 closing of the Wrecking Ball Tour.

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Oakland, Ca. 11/30/12: Adam & Kitty attended

Final night of the 3 show week, and was expecting and received a high-energy performance (not that any are ever lacking), but afterall it was Friday night.

Looks like we might have a new show opener, for the 2nd night in a row, “Land of Hope & Dreams” moved from the main set closing position to the opening slot, and it definitely sets the proper tone, seamlessly into “Cover Me” and then a Darkness doubleheader which was the signal that this was going to be a special evening. First the seldom played live “Adam Raised a Cain” and into the even more seldomly played “Something in the Night”, and Bruce and the arena were on fire. Standard next five songs, “Hungry Heart”, “We Take Care of Our Own”, “Wrecking Ball”, the ever amazing “Death to My Hometown”, and “My City of Ruins”.  Pretty incredible that over the 13 year life of “My City”, the song has gone from a message for Bruce’s old haunts of Asbury Park, to a remembrance of 9/11, to the memory of Clarence and Danny and old friends and now into a combo of the Jersey Shore again, and the memory of old friends..

Bruce reached way back for a kick-ass version of “E Street Shuffle” with the percussion duel between Everett and  Max leading into a full front stage horns blaring finish. One would imagine that when Bruce penned this song, this is exactly how he imagined it being played live.

Request time, and tonight was Bruce at his best playing with the multitude of requests, starting with a “Dance With a girl from Hungary” request, and that he did, bringing a woman from the 2nd section of the floor up and having the band launch into Seeger Sessions fave, “Pay Me My Money Down” into request #2, the rarely heard “I’m Goin’ Down”, request #3 of “The Ties That Bind” and finishing the request section with the 2nd full-band performance ever of the incredible “Devils and Dust”. And then time to whip the audience back into a frenzy.

How better to do that then the trio of “Because the Night”, “She’s the One”, and “Shackled & Drawn”, mission accomplished.  “Waiting on a Sunny Day” always perfect for a quick restroom break, and then into Stevie favorite the Eddie Floyd/Steve Cropper classic “Raise Your Hand”  And then for me some magic. I had written earlier this week that “Badlands” and “The Rising” had become a bit, let’s say boring for me, at this juncture, well tonight, I don’t know what it was but both tunes (Rising then Badlands) were incredible, maybe the band had a shot of 1970’s Dave Herman Bruce Juice, but they just took off and were perfect into main-set closer “Thunder Road”.

Encore time, and it was time for Ms. Kitty to make one of her rare appearances, and there she was, the mighty force of the E Street Band for 14 minutes of incendiary “Kitty’s Back”, this song is without a doubt the best showcase of the talents of the E Streeters. tonight wasn’t the 18 minute version we had in Pittsburgh a month ago with 11 solos, but 14 minutes and 4 solos were more than enought, just incredible. From there it was the traditional full force closing of “Born to Run”, “Dancing in the Dark”, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and “10th Avenue Freeze Out”.

Three hours and 5 minutes of power, thanks to old and dear friend Mary Ann for accompanying me, sorry I missed even older friend Joey who was in the house.

And this morning woke up to the announcement of a June/July European tour. London’s Calling?

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Portland, Ore. 11/28/12: Lesbians Love Bruce

With a headline like that, I need to cut right to the chase and explain. The front pit, which I was sitting right next to, had some women carrying a large banner all night saying “dance with us”, and were clearly all wearing the same t-shirt, which certainly caught Bruce’s eye. About two hours into the show, during Bruce’s venture into the audience, he asked them to come up and stage and to dance with him, and one, two, three, four, five, and then finally six women, all wearing Lesbians Heart Bruce tees joined him on stage for a raucous finish to Darlington….and Bruce thanking his lesbian fan club. Fans on the stage was the them of the show last night.

A dramatic open with “Land of Hope & Dreams” which had been the main set closer for the entire tour was a sign that tonight wasn’t going to be standard, and followed by “No Surrender” from there until the request section, was same as Vancouver: “Hungry Heart”,  “We Take Care of Our Own”, “Wrecking Ball”, “Death to My Hometown” (which I decided is going to make an incredible acoustic solo version one day in the future), “My City of Ruins”, “Spirits in the Night” and then all hell breaks loose on the request section.

First Bruce spots a sign made up like a roulette wheel with different choices and brings it up and asks a woman from the audience to come up and spin it. After one aborted attempt where she didn’t like the choice (Pay Me My Money Down) she gives it a 2nd try and it lands on “Employee Appreciation Night- Little Steven’s choice” and with that Steven gleam in his eye Steve whispers to Bruce, and Bruce tells how Steven lobbied for this to be part of The River, thinking it is one of the stronger songs they’ve ever done, but never released…and the band goes into the great “Loose Ends”, and I must agree with Steven it is a great song. Next request, “Bruce for my 50th birthday, can I get “Growin’ Up” and so the great classic is blasted into, but with a special moment, as they head into the last segment of the song, Bruce calls for the birthday boy to join him on stage, and up he comes to duet with Bruce on the final stanza, and this dude was belting it out, with great stage presence. I can’t imagine a better birthday moment for anyone, this guy was in 21st heaven! Next Bruce launches into “Jack of All Trades” followed by another request of ” Seeds” which was a tour premiere for me for this ’09 tour standard and Bruce followed it with an audible of “Johnny 99” its ’09 companion piece. The troika of songs all with the central theme of despair of the working man were a powerful set together. With the energy level on high, the aforementioned “Darlington County”  and “Shackled & Drawn” followed.

“Waiting on a Sunny Day” with two adolescent girls, who were awful and didn’t know the words singing the chorus. Then an unexpected and phenomenal version of “Drive All Night”.  Typical closing of “The Rising” and “Badlands” (I’m getting tired of Badlands, is that possible) and then “Thunder Road” to close the main set.

Encore time: An incredible solo version, by request, of “If I Should Fall Behind” with Bruce pouring emotion into each and every word of the song, just beautiful. Lights up for “Born to Run”, back to requests for “Rosalita” with Bruce and Steve mugging it up front stage, “Dancing in the Dark” with what seemed like every woman in the pit joining the band onstage to dance with Bruce and Steve. “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and “10th Avenue Freeze-out” finish up the 3:10 minute show. Now off to Oakland.

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Vancouver: 11/26/12: “What the F**k is a Canuck”

Up here in the chilly northwest for the last leg of The Lonnie Burstein Wrecking Ball Tour 2012, very nice of Mr. Springsteen to be able to join me on so many of these visits!

The band had been off for about a week, so was expecting a fairly traditional show, and for the most part, it was, not that it is a bad thing. Heavy on Wrecking Ball to start with 4 of the first 6 songs being from the new CD. Opened with “Shackled & Drawn” which I believe was a first for the tour, and while the opening of the song makes for a great in the dark, lights not up yet, open, the full band (all 17 members) stage front at the conclusion of the song felt a bit forced and out of place at that moment.  Right into the only crowd pleasing “Out in the Street” and then “Hungry Heart”. HH for me one of those songs where Bruce nearly jumped the shark back in the 80’s is clearly different here. Obviously Bruce didn’t have as great an impact in a city like Vancouver until after Born to Run and Darkness, so Hungry Heart, his first top 10 single, resonates greatly hear, and drove the crowd into a frenzy, much like when he plays “Born in the USA” in Europe. This was followed by the Wrecking Ball trio of “We Take Care of Our Own”, “Wrecking Ball” and “Death to My Hometown”. DTMY is becoming one of my all-time live favorites, the band and Bruce just kill on this number.

Evolution, seven months into the tour now, and it is interesting to see the subtle changes Bruce makes to some numbers. “My City in Ruins” is one of those. This song, one of a half-dozen that has been played at every show, has evolved from March, and tonight had some new elements. One was the obvious, Bruce now references the destruction that Hurrican Sandy brought to the Jersey Shore, appropriate since the song was originally written about the despair Asbury Park had fallen into, the second, and more subtle was a bit chilling.  As the song neared its close, Bruce moved into the spotlight that covers the area that once held The Big Man and is splashed in light for this entire number, Bruce then added the the verse in a soulful pleading manner of “the change was made up town”, about 8-10 times, while looking toward the roof. Moving.

Tonight had many moments that showed how Bruce is the absolute greatest at working an audience. During the set-up for “Spirits in the Night” he referenced a sign back-stage that reads. “we are all Canucks” (reference to the hometown hockey team) and then looked out in the audience laughing and said “what the fuck is a Canuck”, the response was deafening.

Request time: #1 “Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street”which featured a great percusion duet between Everett and Max, followed by the greatest sign request ever seen, (photo on my Facebook page), a fan made a sign of a red-headed woman, to request the song of that name, and there was the tour premiere for Bruce’s ode to wife Patty. Request #3 was the rarely played, but for me the 2nd show in a row after having seen it in Pittsburgh of “Streets A Fire”. Don’t know the 30+ year aversion of playing this one live, because it just kills.  Followed by “Because the Night” with the always incendiary Nils Lofgren solo, which ignites the crowd into a frenzy, right into “She’s the One” but not an ordinary version this one came with the circa 1978 open of “Not Fade Away” into STO.

Another tour premier for me of “Cover Me” complete with Steve and Bruce trading guitar solos into album mate “Darlington County”. The duo from “Born in the USA” made me appreciate the album a bit more, clearly this was the shark-jumping phase of Bruce’s career, selling 9 billion copies and selling out football stadiums 3-4 nights a week, so I’ve been dismissive of the album in my mind, but when you hear the songs live, you realize that it truly was a magnificent piece of work.

Working the audience part 2: During “Waiting on a Sunny Day” the young girl that Bruce brought on stage to sing the chorus, had a tremendous voice and had Bruce bowing down to her in respect and finishing by bellowing “Vancouver’s Got Talent”.

Tour premiere #3 for me the party rock classic “Raise Your Hand” into the traditonal 3-pack to close the main set of  “The Rising”, “Badlands” and “Land of Hope and Dreams”.

Encore time, and it opened with a request, “Racing in the Street” a good 10-12 minute version of it, with Roy shining and Max shining brightly. Encore #2 was a bit odd, “Radio Nowhere” which I happen to really like, but was out of place in the encores, and felt very flat, but that was fixed by the crowd-pleasing, house lights up “Born to Run” into “Dancing in the Dark” which featured  working the audience moment #3. Bruce always brings someone up to dance with him, usually a younger woman, last night he ventured into the stands and brought out by hand an 80 year old woman….which drove everyone nuts. And then audience working moment #4 (and tour premiere #4 for me) “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town” and if you have never heard this performed by the E Street Band, you are missing a holiday classic, but Bruce brought up a man in full Santa costume and the dude dueted on vocals the entire song with Bruce, even though he couldn’t sing a lick, only at a Springsteen show. And then of course “10th Avenue” to close.

Off to explore Vancouver, and then on to Portland for stop #16 on the LBWBT.

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Bruce: Iron City Rocking 10/27/12

The hits just keep on coming. I wonder what goes thru his mind, something like, yeah we were great in Hartford, but we love the energy in Pittsburgh, so we need to step it up a notch tonight….and OK, I will pull some nuggets out of my hat and surprise everyone!

Show 14 on my own Wrecking Ball tour and tonight saw 6 more tunes that I hadn’t seen performed yet, including a few, never seen that before.

Looks like the tour has morphed into an opening of 3-4 songs right off the gun, meant to surprise/shock/awe and drive the audience into an early frenzy. It works, tonight it was the very rarely played  “Don’t Look Back” from the “Tracks” collection, into the always powerful “Candy’s Room” and then the rocking “The Ties That Bind” and then setting Pittsburgh ablaze with Darkness on the Edge of Town classic and almost never played live, “Streets of Fire”, so we’re 20-25 minutes and 4 songs in, and the scorecard is already up to 2 for me on new tunes for the LB WB ’12 tour. And pretty sure that “Don’t Look Back” was the first time I’ve ever heard it live. Standard for the next  half dozen songs, , but I must comment that the trifecta from Wrecking Ball of “We Take Care of Our Own”, “Wrecking Ball” and “Death to My Hometown” are perfectly placed and all seem destined to be long-time Bruce faves. The spiritual part of the show with “My City of Ruins” and “Spirits” is feeling a bit long and tired these days, wouldn’t be surprised to see that changed up soon, although the re-working of “Spirits in the Night” with a heavy evangelistic feel to it does make the song feel updated for the classic ’70’s version of it.

Request time, who knows if it is real or not, but let’s give in to our hearts and say it is. Tonight was Springsteen gold. First off, I see the sign Bruce is holding from my seat, I see double t’s and think it might say “Kitty’s Back” but knowing they had done that in HT. two night earlier, dismissed that thought. Bruce then hums a couple of bars to the band, since he said it has been over 30 years since they’ve played it…and then it hits me, “Pretty Flamingo” the mid 60’s classic by Manfred Mann and an early E Street Band staple of the mid 70’s, this was amazing, followed by another sign request and “Talk to Me” the Bruce penned, but recorded by Southside Johnny in the 70’s, and just released on the “Darkness” outtakes CD, one of my favorite Bruce/Southside cuts, it was great seeing it live, as only Bruce could deliver it, and then into the always incendiary and not played enough, “Adam Raised a Cain”. All 3 were 2012 first-timers for me, raising the  nightly count to 5. The heat wasn’t finished as they went right from the power of “Adam” to “Because the Night” and “She’s the One”. At the conclusion of this 5 song barrage, I was physically spent, and welcomed the slower paced “Working on a Highway” into “Shackled and Drawn”.  “Waiting on a Sunny Day” which is always bathroom break time, but came back in time to see the section of the song where Bruce picks a child out of the audience, tonight it was a girl of about 10, and a rarity, she could sing! And she belted out her sections, pumped her fists, swayed her hips and whipped the crowed into a frenzy, the best kid singer I’ve ever seen on the song…..her turn to stand and shout of “let’s go E Street Band” was great. The standard last section of “The Rising”, “Badlands” and “Land of Hope and Dreams”, never fails to deliver, LOHAD, or as many now refer to it as  “the baseball song”, is for sure to be a Bruce mainstay. End of main show, time for the encores

An open of “Racing in the Streets” was perfect and if you’ve never heard this one live, go to Youtube immediately and give it a listen, amazing how this band can rework things on stage. The requisite “Born to Run”, and then the Pittsburgh treat. Bruce’s good friend and Steel City rock legend, Joe Grushecky and son Johnny join the band for “Glory Days” and another LBWB ’12 tour premiere, and I believe the first time I’ve ever seen it live “Light of Day” which many of you might know from the 1987 film of the same name starring Michael J. Fox.  Some “Dancing in the Dark” and the show-ender of “10th Avenue Freeze-out” (which i might add, it is nice to see some photos of Danny now edited into the Clarence video tribute).

Pittsburgh was well worth the stop on this tour. Revving up for my big push at the end of the tour in November and December. Next stop Vancouver on 11/26. Stay tuned.

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